Civilian Instructor

15 years trained Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

Experienced Hiker

Self Defence & Restraint Instructor

Personal Trainer

World Record Challenge

Fitness Coach

Zee has always shown passion and in interest in fitness. She started her training in Muay Thai Kickboxing in 2003 at the age 15 years old, as a personal interest and hobby. Her immerse training continued for over 10 years, whilst volunteering and committing all her time to the club. Her instructors valued her commitment and offered her training to be a Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor. She delivered and taught the female classes for 3 years as a volunteer and developed her knowledge and skills further.

This sport originates in Thailand and consists of learning how to kick, punch, knees and elbows. She is very well disciplined, and her level of commitment for 15 years shows her passion for the Sport. Zee decided to take her career further in mixed martial arts and wanted to gain an understanding about Self-Defence. She decided to complete a level 3 Self-Defence & Restraint course through The National Federation of Personal Safety. This gave her a deeper understanding on self-defence techniques and what the law states. She completed her learning online whilst attending a 3-day practical training which she successfully completed and passed. As her passion grew stronger, she decided to set up a community project in teaching women self-defence. Which consists of basic skills required to defend yourself in any type of situation and this has proven to be a success.

More information about the projects are shown on the tabs above.Adding to her career she decided to take up another mixed martial sport called Street Safe (Krag Maga). She’s trained and developed in this sport for 2 years, In Jan 2020, she will be a fully qualified Krag Maga instructor, aiming to share and spread the knowledge nationwide.  This is an immense achievement and now her personal interest/ hobby has turned into a career, which she is very proud of. She has gained a lot of knowledge from this type of sport as it teaches you multiple attacks, knife defence and much more. For the past 8 years she has been working full time in the banking industry which she also enjoys. This shows her level of commitment and passion in Mixed martial arts as she delivers projects during the evening and weekends. Her aim is to make a difference to the community, targeting vulnerable women who have been involved in any form of domestic abuse, and to the general public. She wasn’t aware a hobby will turn into a passion and become her career. Her plans are to set up a females only mixed martial arts club, offer self-defence courses/workshops, fitness sessions and give confidence to women to be able to defend themselves. She has grown to become a confident, strong, independent individual from her own personal and professional experience. She also aims is to offer 1-1 private fitness sessions, yoga classes, Walking/Hiking and learning opportunities through Aegis.